About BizAcuity

BizAcuity = Business + Acuity

The literal meaning of Acuity is keenness or acuteness, esp. in vision or thought or acumen. The capacity of the eye to see the fine detail, measured by determining the finest detail.

At BizAcuity, we believe that seeing the fine details of the business is the most important aspect for any organization.

BizAcuity, founded in 2011, is a fast growing Business intelligence strategy company, providing reliable, scalable and cost effective consultancy and services to clients across the globe.

Our vision is to create value for our clients by providing holistic view of their business which will help them take well informed, data driven, smart and faster business decisions improving overall corporate performance

Our team works tirelessly to deliver results to our valued customers. BizAcuity is incorporated under the Indian Companies’ Act 1956 and located in main IT hub of Hyderabad, Hi-Tech City, India which is home for many multi-national IT companies. The company was founded by experienced IT professionals with vast experience in areas of business intelligence and data warehousing.

BizAcuity team has built core competencies in all areas related to Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Analytic. This includes very good knowledge of various Analytical as well as transactional Database Management Systems, SQL, Business and Data Warehouse Modeling, various Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tools and various Business Intelligence platforms.

BizAcuity maintains a vendor agnostic approach and proposes best solution to its customer based on requirements and budget. BizAcuity has core competencies in functional domains like Gaming , Media, Financial Services & E-Commerce. The team also has experience on building infrastructure both on Cloud as well as On-Premise hardware/software deployments, shell scripts, scheduling, Hardware sizing, implementation planning and budgeting, and project management.

We have a huge tech stack expertise to pick the right solution.

BizAcuity Leadership team has Extensive experience in Business Intelligence and related areas, and has worked on Large scale implementation of BI Solutions.

BizAcuity provides custom solutions based on requirements of the client while providing least Total Cost of Ownership.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide robust, scalable, easy to use and flexible business intelligence solutions delivered at much faster speed and with least Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We achieve our mission by engaging with the client, understanding business, consulting on business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and various variables impacting KPIs and suggesting appropriate Business Intelligence Solution. We are one stop shop providing end-to-end solutions covering complete BI requirements of our customers.

Our Value Proposition

Faster decisions Actionable Information Reduced cost of information New Insight (what-if analysis) Drill downs/ups for better decisions Aligning business units to common organizational goal Flexibility to business users removing dependency on IT.

Our History

The company is started by a group of people with extensive experience in IT industry and with primary focus on Business Intelligence with a passion to deliver state-of-the-art BI solutions to its customers.