BizAcuity at a Glance

The word “Acuity” means keenness or acuteness in vision or thought. We derive our name BizAcuity from that word and we stand true to the meaning of Acuity. At BizAcuity, we believe that seeing the fine details of the business is the most important aspect for any organization. Seeing the finer details allows management to make accurate decisions.

We are committed to providing the best service & consulting to our customers in areas such as Gaming – Land based and iGaming, Financial Services, Media & E-Commerce.

An overview of BizAcuity, our vision, mission, value proposition & history.

The guiding lights behind BizAcuity and their profiles.

A sneak peek into Business Intelligence and how it can benefit a business.


Corporate Social Responsibility for a business organization and how BizAcuity is contributing to it.