Top Reasons to Choose TABLEAU as a Reporting Platform and Issues associated with it.

  Tableau is an awesome tool which provides great synergy, greater strength and depth across the organization in terms of delivering full, integrated BI solutions and delivering precise information needed by the management. Now IT can focus solely on enabling clean and useful data for the dashboards. We have been extensively working on data visualization…

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Outing & Events

Outing & Events @ BizAcuity Apart from working hard and providing best solutions to our clients we also know how to unwind and participate in different activities happening around us. Few glimpses from outing Events this year. Few Glimpses from this year       Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017 Participation in Airtel 5K Marathon on…


Gaming Insights with MicroStrategy

Leading global hospitality and gaming brands use MicroStrategy to get valuable gaming insights and identify player potential, enhance guest experience, improve customer service, implement better promotions, and more accurately analyze revenue indicators. MicroStrategy provides hospitality and gaming organizations with the ability to make effective business decisions based on analytics in: Corporate Management, Operations, CRM, Marketing,…