Financial Services

In the financial services industry, the stakeholders such as investors, dealers, rating agencies, and insurance providers have long understood the benefits of having the ability to analyze large and complex data to provide for critical decision making. This has certainly called for companies to have a good BI platform from where they can mine and analyze the information and get what they want anytime.

Financial Services

Companies in Asset Management, Pay Day Loan use our solutions to increase revenue, reduce costs and reduce risk. We help these companies build and deploy business intelligence solutions in weeks and extract additional ROI from existing business. BizAcuity develops custom advanced predictive analysis for clients in financial services to drive their business in ever more profitable direction.

Our customer analytics solution helps Financial Services companies find the right product for the investors at the right time, keeping seasonality, demographic information of their clients etc.

our customers use our solutions in the following areas:

  • Marketing – Campaign ROI, Competition Analysis, Churn Management, Customer Retention
  • Customer Analysis – Segmentation, Customer Life Time Value, Customer Investment Behavior, Customer Up Sell & Cross Sell
  • Investment Product – Mutual Fund Performance, MF Selection, MF Profitability
  • Revenue & Profitability Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Capital Market Analysis